Friday, April 30, 2010

Strange Happenings on the 6th Floor

The parking garage at my office (which I fondly refer to as 'The Deathtrap' - drive through it once and you'll see why) is an interesting place. It's a nice little petri dish of people for people watching and oh, do I love to people watch. You can sit me down on the Strip in Vegas and I'm happy for hours. I can even make up entire stories about people, which takes people watching to a whole new level. But I digress. Edward Cullen parks near me on the 6th floor of the parking garage. I park up that high so as to stay away from other cars and avoid door dings on my pretty Benz. Edward parks up there because he's cool like that. I call him Edward because, like the Twilight character, he's young, he has the rumpled, just rolled out of bed look and he wears some pretty edgy clothes. His black military style jacket is my fave. He kind of looks like Nutcracker Vampire Boy in it. The thing that fascinates me is Edward's car. On first inspection, it's just a late model, silver Volkswagen sedan. But if you watch, there are some weird goings on here. During Christmas there were two plates in the rear window ledge covered in foil. Something that his Grandma sent home with him and he forgot to take inside and put in the frig? That's an easy explanation, you say. Except they stayed there, in the car for about three weeks!! Ewwww. Now his back seat is full of blankets and quilts. And today I left the office around 4:00 and Edward was walking back inside, hair duly rumpled (well...isn't it always). I wondered if he'd been napping in his car. Is there something hidden underneath? Is he living in his car? Did he finally eat the food under the foil? And the most important question...why do I care??? I have no idea. Up soon - the 'my life's a party and I want to share my music' dude.


Life's a Beach! said...

HA! I think he's living in the car! That's where the rumpled look comes from.

Vee said...

Perhaps there was fruitcake under the foil?

jeanie said...

I think Vee and Beck are both right! He's living in the car and the foil is certainly hiding FRUITCAKE. I have a foil wrapped hunk at the back of my fridge. That is where FRUITCAKE goes to die!!!

Moongrl722 said...

Funny, that reminds me that I was going to clean out my frig today. I'll keep you posted on Edward and get a better pic of the car. LOL

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