Friday, May 29, 2009

Help! My Man Picker is Broken!

Okay, MY man picker isn't broken, but my friend, Laurie introduced me to this phrase that describes a woman who constantly picks the wrong men- "Her Man Picker is 'Broken". (Incidentally, Laurie wasn't talking about herself, either. Her's is fine). I have a few friends who really do seem to have broken man pickers. I'm sure you do, too. Good women with a lot to offer who seem to really have it together...but they just choose the wrong men over and over and over. Me: 'Why are you letting someone treat you this way?' 'What on earth makes you think that this type of behavior is acceptable? 'Turn and run!!!' 'You are only hurting yourself by staying with him. He's like a knife you keep stabbing yourself with.' 'That would last about five minutes with me and he'd be out the door.' Them: 'But I looooooooove him.' (usually I reply with 'whyyyyyy?' and a round of vomiting) I guess they feel that he's the love of their life/they need to save him/any man is better than no man. I don't know!! But I can tell you that one of my friend's 'We have such a special thing together and I mean so much to him even tho he's married to someone else' guys wanted me to have a special thing with him, too. I just pretended that I didn't hear and turned and walked off. Don't get me wrong. I may be all high and mighty now, but I admit that my man picker needed some calibrating after that first husband thing. The difference? I LEARNED!!!! And to be fair, maybe I'm not so smart, it's possible that I just love myself too much and am too selfish to be with someone who doesn't treat me like the Goddess I am. So, brilliant or bitchy? The end result remains the same. I really do believe that you teach people how to treat you. If you don't like it, tell them. If they don't comply, walk away. This should be done early in a relationship (hence the need to DATE and not just shack up after the first meeting) so that you don't have that looooove thing that bogs you down like week old jello. So what is it at the core? Is it low self esteem? If so, how do you repair that in a friend? My ex brother in law was been married and divorced 6 times by his early forties. Six times!! You'd think by now, he and Liz Taylor would have tied the knot, given the odds, but alas,no. He even married one of them twice. Sigh... How do you help a friend with a broken picker?

Monday, May 25, 2009

My Etsy Shop is open for business!!!

I have finally opened an etsy shop for my jewelry! Please visit and tell your friends. Proceeds help a wonderful girl in Isla Mujeres attend college. Thanks!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Isla Mujeres - April 2009

Instead of doing my usual trip report, I am going to share pics with you. Mr. Wonderful and I went down to Isla Mujeres for a quick five day trip and stayed in the Penthouse at Ixchel Condos. It was a much needed getaway and very relaxing and fun! We ate at Qubano twice and it was fabulous both times. The Vivian Salad and the Cuban sandwich are fantastic. We also indulged almost daily in COOL's gelato...coconut, kahlua....oh there are no words. We also dined at Comono, which was wonderful. The hummus is addictive and we were entertained by Jesus Campuzano. It was a lovely evening out with two of my favorite guys, Steve of Casa Sirena and my husband. The view from Penthouse 709 is unmatched. It overlooks Playa Norte and it is the tallest inhabitable point on the island. There is nothing blocking the view and it feels like you're looking down from heaven. Mr. Wonderful strikes a pose on Playa Norte. The lounge chairs are complimentary with a stay at Ixchel. Beautiful view at night of town Yes, I am the crazy cat lady who feeds the strays. These little guys were hungry This little cutie had her own perch Me, Kathryn and Tiffany enjoying drinks at Miguel's. Miguel's new location is very nice. Our dinner there was fantastic. His coconut shrimp is wonderful!!! Mr. Wonderful and myself at Miguel's on our last night of the trip A few little kitties at what we call 'Kitty Corner' which is now more like construction corner. This little guy was friendly. He wanted to snuggle and be petted. Inspirational sunset at the Penthouse ROCK STARS!!!! My own little island! Creation Breakfast at Elements of the Island. So nice, we ate there twice, once with Tom, Maggie and Nelsy and once with Dave and Wendy. I had the potatoes (hash brownish)with brie cheese one time and yogurt with fruit and granola the next. Their food is delicious! Dinner at Lolo Lorena's was one of the highlights of this trip. The setting is sensual and bohemian in an enchanted candlelit courtyard with handsome young men to cater to your every need and bring you course after course of Lorena's divine creations. The garden was verdant with fragrant herbs, the table dressed with flowing tablecloths and a pillowed bench along one wall. I feasted on four courses of delightful cuisine, never wanting it to end. The menu is prix fixe and up to 16 lucky guests dine on whatever Lorena decides upon that day. One sitting per night, one table? Fabulous! I got to sit between two of my favorite guys Waiting for a cab to take us home Chantilly Creme, Chocolate Mousse, Bananas Flambe and Baby Mango Ms Lo Lo Lorena -in person! Seafood Cassoulette with mashed potato topping Beautiful lighting on the stairway at Casa Sirena Happy Hour on the Roof at Casa Sirena Steve let me set up a jewelry sale at Happy Hour Sunset for the Funset Setting up the jewelry Another gorgeous Isla Sunset Going out! Relaxing on the Penthouse Balcony Beach time! Hanging with Mr. Wonderful on Playa Norte JoAnne's fave kitty - "Princess" I just adore a Penthouse View! If you’ve ever wondered what Isla Mujeres looks like from a Goddess’s perspective, check into Ixchel Penthouse #709. Situated on the furthest Northern tip of the East tower of condos, #709 boasts the most breathtaking view on the island. You feel as if you’re up in the clouds on the 7th floor, the tallest accommodation in Isla Mujeres. The condo itself is roomy for a one bedroom floor plan (fold out sofa in the living room) with a bath and a half. It’s beautifully, but comfortably decorated with thoughtful amenities such as flat screen televisions in both the living and bed room, coffee maker, hair dryer, ipod docking station and dvd players. The water cooler was a wonderful convenience, as we could make coffee easily and refill our water bottles, thus saving on bottled water expense. The memory foam topper makes the bed possibly the most comfortable in the Yucatan and having an in room electronic safe was a must for us. Now…let’s talk about that balcony. First of all, I’ve lived in places smaller than the balcony, which is furnished with comfortable chairs, chaise lounges, settee and bistro table. The unobstructed view makes you feel like royalty. Imagine climbing into the hot tub with a cocktail while the sun sets! I’ve seen many sunsets in Isla Mujeres, but being seven floors up takes it to a whole new level. It’s a lovely spot to read and relax in the afternoons, with a pergola providing shade and the cool breeze supplying natural air conditioning. We spent a lot of time on the balcony and enjoyed every moment in our own romantic paradise. Mayan legend tells that the goddess Ixchel was almost too beautiful, this girl with opalescent skin who sat in the skies brushing her shimmering hair for hours on end. All the gods were captivated by her. No doubt she was on the penthouse balcony.

Welcome to the World, Little One

My friend and coworker, Jessica, gave birth to her third child last Thursday. Weighing in at exactly seven pounds is Jeffrey Tavish. Isn't he a beautiful little angel? THe next morning when I got to work, Jessica had already answered a couple of work emails! I was still screaming for narcotics the morning after giving birth. Truth be told, I still am. Jessica and her husband, Jeff, are truly amazing parents. Did I mention that they also have one and a half year old twins?! Chloe and Finley Dorian, such a flirt! I blatently stole this pic off Jessica's facebook. I couldn't help myself And now on a completely different note, the orchids in my kitchen

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