Friday, December 31, 2010


January is my least favorite month. 1) It's cold I am not a 'Winter' person, which is why I live in Texas. I don't like snow unless it melts away quickly and I don't have to drive in it. I have been skiing, but I'd much rather go to the beach and I think that Ice Fishing and things like that are insane. I don't like winter clothes, as too many layers and socks make me claustrophobic. I just want to stay in bed and stay warm. Which bring me to... 2) Sleepy Maybe I'm just worn out from the holidays or maybe I just need to hibernate, but I just want to sleep all the time! This, actually is a bonus because it makes the month go by more quickly and I can't eat while I'm asleep. 3) Hungry Yep, it's time to drop a few pounds. I didn't gain anything over the holidays, which is a blessing, but I didn't lose anything over the summer like I usually do because I was writing a cookbook and those two things just do not go together. So, I am laying in bed curled up with a celery stick and in a foul mood. 4) W2s- I have a LOT of those to get out. I get tired of people calling me about them. Stop the madness or I will beat you senseless with a celery stick. Now, the big question -- since I'm not normally this bitchy and don't really like myself when I am (and don't want to drive away Mr. Wonderful) -- What am I going to do about it???? 1) I am going to come up with some tasty low cal recipes and post them on my blog. 2) I am going to make jewelry and shrines. 3) I am going to look forward to vacation and to Spring. A medically induced coma really sounds like the best plan except I don't have that many vacation days. Any other suggestions are deeply appreciated.

Isla Mujeres - Sept 2010~ Golf Cart Day

We spent Sunday morning in the courtyard of Casa Sirena, sipping coffee with Steve and Tio Bobby and then we all walked down to Cafe Hidalgo for fabulous crepes. Later we walked over to Posada del Mar to visit with Tim and Vee. They were feasting on some divine looking rotisserie chicken and sitting in the bar at Posada. (Which, by the way, has a wonderful view!) We were the only people there - it was slow season, after all - and Tim and Vee were making cracks about the loud music they were playing in the bar and how they were trying to attract a crowd and make it look like a happenin' place, but when they got there, all they would find is 'some old people eatin' chicken'. Too funny! The view from Posada - for the guys They built a life size shrine for me, how sweet! Back at Casa Sirena we lazed about the rooftop, reading, lounging in the plunge pool, listening to the rush of the ocean and watching the ferries come and go from a distance. Ahhhh...contentment. My 'Carol Merrill' imitation View from our balcony - Room #1 And the frigate glide like kites on the wind hovering above the endless sea... Sirena Steve on the hammock deck Kids running around with their new puppy Happy hour with Sara Jane and Robert from Casa el Pio, Steve and Bobby. Everyone else had left because Steve was supposed to have left town, but had changed his plans. Yep, we had the run of the place, lucky us! Family next door to Casa Sirena enjoying a big Sunday family meal Gerald and I had dinner at Bucanero's, which was good. We shared Sopa de Lima, some Guac and an entree of Tortilla Crusted Fish. The only complaint I had was that they put a 15% tip on our bill. For a party of two. When asked, we were told 'Oh, there are a lot of Israelis on the island and they don't tip." We look very Israeli, so I can understand the mix up. Whatever. We entertained ourselves by listening to the conversation going on behind us (which, in our defense was very loud indeed). Miss Overly-Enthusiastic-About-Everything was over the top flirting with Mr. Come-Eat-At-Bucaneros, while her date just sat there silently. It's like he wasn't even there!! We saw her walking alone the next day. No big surprise. Monday Morning, and it was time to get up and do something and to beautify ourselves! Tio Bobby gave us both haircuts after breakfast and then we hopped on a golf cart, our beautiful golden locks flowing in the breeze and took off in search of adventure. Or at least in search of fun. Huevos Montulenos and a Haircut...two pesos Our mission? To deliver cookbooks. We ended up on Daniel's front porch and since no one answered the door, we just yelled for him. Luckily none of his neighbors called the police. We crossed the street to pay a visit to La Gloria English School just as Tim and Vee pulled up. Marbella was there and we visited with her for a bit, then headed South (Because no visit to Isla is complete without a trip down South) to visit with Carmita and Jim and to drop off Carmita's cookbook. Guadalupana La Gloria English School Vee, Me and Marbella Jim and Carmita (The Queen of Isla) greeted us with hugs and a cold drink. We sat out on their deck and enjoyed their incredible view and fun conversation. Next stop? Tim's Birthday Lunch at Playa Lancheros! Carmita We feasted on Tix n Xic and drank Mojitos and had a fantastic time. We watched the 'Cancun Cattle' come and go, with thier cool neon wristbands and their big boats. Playa Lancheros is still a lovely place to lunch and we recalled many years ago when the Cuban Stand there made the best Mojitos that I've ever tasted. Unfortunately, it blew away in Hurricane Wilma. They have recently redone the bathrooms there, and they are really nice. Hanging out with Tim and Vee was such a treat, they are so sweet and so much fun. Very interesting and intelligent and we just love 'em. Cancun Cattle Tim plays the fish bones like a harmonica Gerald and I moved over to Playa Media Luna later that afternoon, as it was time for Steve to kick us out and leave town. We lazed around the pool and I searched the beach for sea glass. We had a delicious dinner that night at Comono (It was full of those 'non tipping' Israelis!!! LOL) I just love Comono. The owners, Chen and Lee are so nice and adorable (can't wait to see how beautiful their baby, which is on the way, will be), the staff is friendly and the food is fabulous. Hotties - Gerald and Lee Fed some Hidalgo kitties and headed back to Media Luna and fell into a blissful sleep to the sound of the crashing waves.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Isla~September 2010: Soothing the Soul at Sirena

Another glorious morning (of sleeping in - sunrise photos courtesy of Mr. Wonderful) and my favorite Casa Sirena breakfast (drum roll, please) Huevos Divorciados. Yep, divorced eggs. Deee-licious. After breakfast we wandered around the island and over to Posada del Mar to hang out with Tim and Vee at the pool. We had a wonderful and relaxing time and laughed at a couple of little kids, especially one little exhibitionist who was all of maybe three years old. New sculpture of La Triguena at the Malecon. I love it!!! Yummiest Catch We found Big Jim at Sancocho's (surprise) on the way back home and enjoyed his company and a beer. Chili Loco had recently closed up and they were selling off the plates and glassware. A sad sight. Sleepy Princess must wake up to go to Happy Hour Back at Casa Sirena we succumbed to a nap and then we were ready for another fun Happy Hour with Tim and Vee, Zina, Tio Bobby, Josh and Emily and of course our host with the most, Mr. Steve Broin. Anniversary gift from Steve Gerald and I had a very late supper at Ballyhoo, which is one of my favorite places to eat on the island. I had their incredible Fish Tacos and OH the green sauce and the tamarind sauce. Gerald wisely chose the Fish and Chips. Out of this world. It was a very quiet and relaxing dinner and we listened to Fleetwood Mac and the sound of the ocean, then wandered back to Casa Sirena and off to Dreamland. Another lazy and fantastic day! Let me take a moment here to count the ways I love Casa Sirena. Not only is it beautiful, conveniently located, and fabulously comfortable, it is also an amazing value - breakfast and happy hour are included! The breakfasts are HUGE and absolutely delicious and you don't even need lunch (just a little snacky). The sunset roof top happy hours are so much fun and we've met so many interesting people there. The name 'Sunset for the Funset' truly applies. The attention to detail is astounding. Comfy robes, handmade soaps, sanitizing gel, candles, and a moist cool washcloth upon arrival will spoil you. Services such as golf cart delivery, laundry service and massage services are available and can be arranged for you. You will want for nothing, as rooms include hair dryers, iron and ironing board, beach towels and a mini frig. All of this...and Steve, too! Steve is the perfect host and a good friend and you will be forever grateful that you have chosen to stay at his home. And, in case you're wondering...this trip report DOESN'T GET ANY MORE EXCITING THAN THIS!! This was the most lazy, relaxing, spoiled vacation of my life and I enjoyed every minute of it. I was recharging and doing exactly as I pleased, which was pretty much nothing. Steve!

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