Saturday, July 31, 2010

Straight Jacket Required

I've always been pretty laid back (except for those couple of days a month when I'm licensed to kill) but lately I've felt exceedingly bitchy, anxious, sad for no reason sometimes - and not in a good way. When I think of something I need to get done, I feel compelled to DO IT RIGHT NOW so that I don't forget and end up with a bunch of half finished projects in the works and then I get overwhelmed. What is wrong with me? Am I going crazy? (she wondered....loudly, and how would I look in a straightjacket? Would I get to meet Mel Gibson if I were committed? Would I get some rest?) This morning I googled 'symptoms of menopause', and you guessed it-there was a picture of me! What's a nice girl like me doing in a place like this?!? Now if you're squeamish or would care to be able to honestly reply with "I seriously had no idea, Officer" at any point in the future, I would suggest you stop reading now and go on your merry little way. You've been warned. Here's what I found that pertained to me on a huge list: Irritability (ummm, yes. Much, mucho, grande. There are people tied up in my backyard and "I am in no mood!" is my mantra) Mood Swings, Sudden Tears (I often shower the tied up people with cupcakes and hugs) Crashing Fatigue (yes!) Anxiety, feeling ill at ease Feelings of dread, apprehension, doom Difficulty concentrating, disorientation, mental confusion Disturbing memory lapses (could be from drinking tho, JUST KIDDING!!!) Headaches Increase in allergies (my eyes are so swollen today that Chloe asked for a pedicure) Gastrointestinal issues, bloating - this one was actually good news, as I thought I was fat, but am pleased to know that I'm only bloated Problems sleeping (and weird doomlike dreams) Breast tenderness (I swear I thougth I was pregnant earlier this week) There were many symptoms that were on the list that I do not suffer from (knock on wood) and pray not to. I'll admit that I was always one to play the hormone card to my advantage. Male teachers and bosses (the smart ones, anyway) are easily put off with phrases like "I need to go's a female thing". I used to claim "M"- which you guessed it, stood for Menstruation, as an excuse not to swim in Jr. High PE. My real excuse was that the Nazi issue swimwear and oil of a thousand teenagers floating on top of the pool was enough to make me hurl. My insurance paid for Endometrial Ablation a few years ago (and if you're female, look into that! Burn off your uterine lining and no more monthly visits from Aunt Flo. I had one tiny cramp after the out patient procedure and got to lay around and take Vicodin for three days, so it's a win/win thing). My point being (Difficulty concentrating, disorientation, mental confusion) that I don't think that I'm just making this up! I really thought that maybe I was starting to go a little crazy, but then I remembered that crazy people aren't usually as bitchy as I am. Or maybe it's just karma coming back to bite me in the ass for using hormones as an excuse all those years. I don't seem to be really crazy in a BAD way. It's more of a 'Hey-lets-drop-everything-and-go-to-Vegas' thing or 'Ice-cream-is-perfectly-acceptable-for-dinner' thing. So, there is an element of fun about some of it. I'm holding on and keeping all my arms and legs safely inside the car for a ride that's sure to be fun. To add to the adventure, it looks like my daughter and I will be headed in opposite directions through the same land at the same time. Let's meet for lunch. If we could harness that power, however, I believe we could take over the world and I've started shopping for an Evil Lair. This one might work well when the hot flashes come.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Making Pesto!

The abundance of basil growing in the backyard was screaming to be made in to pesto, and well...the screaming got old, so I gave in. It was really easy and delicious. Step 1: Hire some migrant workers for the harvest (Toni and Pam happened to be here for the weekend) Step 2: Wash the leaves and put in a food processor 2 cups packed basil leaves 1 Tbsp lemon juice 1 tsp Splenda 1/4 c toasted pine nuts 1/3 cup Extra Virgin olive oil 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese (yes real cheese, not the crap in the green can) heaping Tbsp of minced garlic (or 3 -4 cloves) dash of sea salt (to taste) Toast the pine nuts in a skillet over medium heat I know you're swooning over that pink measuring cup, circa 1986 Inspired by yesterday's pizza at Grimaldi's, I made Pasta with Pesto, Artichoke Hearts and Grilled Chicken. Yum! Chloe and Jordan helped and cleaned up.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Isla Mujeres~ July 2010 (part one) "It's not really a coverup if it doesn't cover anything up"

We arrived at DFW at 5:00 AM for our 7:00 flight, just as the heavens opened and the rain dumped. Gerald kindly dropped us all off at the little bus stop building in remote parking and got drenched running through the rain. Flight was on time and all was good. AeroMexico rocks. Super nice flight attendants and free cocktails (breakfast cocktail = vacation). The plane was full of well behaved families with children speaking quietly to their parents. Maybe they were all still sleepy, but it was a great group. On the ferry! There's my favorite color of blue! Unpacked and down to the pool immediately. Jack bought me a beer! Chloe enjoying the beach The sea glass hunt begins (Smackdown!!!) First round: check out the nice pink piece! Lunch poolside delivered from Buho's. Guac and shrimp ceviche for me and Mr. Wonderful Club Sandwich and Fries for Chloe Pizza for Jack We hung out by the pool and on the beach all day and went into town to the grocery store and to exchange money. It was election weekend, so no beer/liquor sales at the grocery store! Oh no! Jaime would be makin' some money from us that weekend at the poolside bar. :) That night we met up with Mark, Donna, Becky and Craig for happy hour at the penthouse and then on to dinner. We had so much fun! Jack! Hold it up until I get a good pic!! Me and Mr. Wonderful We dined at Macambo and it was delicious! We had a table in the sand and I thoroughly enjoyed my coconut shrimp and margaritas and guess what?! A show! The table next to us was full of twentysomethings who were singing and drinking (loudly and heavily) with a Mariachi band. There were a couple of girls that were really beautiful and one was wearing a bikini and some white crocheted pants that were the equivilent of wearing nothing over her thong. (Hey, I'd wear that, too, if I looked like her!) Jack enjoyed the show. They seemed to be having a great time, especially when the champagne started flowing. Later we saw a few of them walk out to a very nice yacht and board. Nice... Mark and Donna (love the chip) See the girl in the background? She was none too thrilled with the 'show'. Probably because her husband couldn't take his eyes off those girls. She had a pinched and angry look on her face throughout dinner. Jack and friends Becky and Craig We walked back over by Ixchel with Mark and Donna and fed some kitties. This one popped up on the cemetary wall! This sweet little one is pregnant. :( Beach, sun, friends and good food and drink. A perfect day!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sea Glass...

Got back from the island late Thursday night. Sea glass hunting was good because of the recent storms. The Turquoise and Teals: I got The Blues: Pinks (aka Amethyst): Black (my Sea Glass book says that these date prior to 1900): Greens- Lime, Emerald, Jade, Forest: Frosty Whites, Sea colored and a few Amber: Patterns, words and bottle ends: Sea Glass and Shells make me smile: Beautiful tiny shells:

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