Friday, April 22, 2011

Girl Trip 2011 - Isla Mujeres - The Final Chapter

What more to say than 'it was another beautiful morning on Isla Mujeres'? I awoke to the sounds of a basketball game and a rooster. Neither was terribly loud or at all annoying...just the diverse and happy sounds of the Colonias. I like the Colonias, and although I would definitely classify myself as a 'Downtown Girl', there is something so great about being mid island. First of all, it's so much less touristy. There isn't someone trying to sell you something at every step. But also there is a feeling of lives going on all around you while you are in this slow motion blissful vacation mode. But even though the locals are busy with their lives, they always have a moment for a warm smile, a wave, a nod of the head. I don't know if that adequately explains it, but if you've been there, you get it. Breakfast was hot, freshly made croissants. Yes, you read that right. HOT. Freshly made. I ate two, but could've downed ten and stuffed a few in my beach bag for later. Fruit and coffee were also featured on the breakfast table and were delicious. Evaristo's hands were red from some dye... Valerio is muy macho! He struck this pose after saving all of us girls from a bug. We met up with Nelsy (my wonderful student), Gloria (her Mother), Conchi (her younger sister) and Maggie of LGES at Mango Cafe for lunch. How could we not have a great time with a table full of girls!?! The food was great and the company even better. I was so impressed with Nelsy's English. It has improved by leaps and bounds since the last time we met up. Which is fabuloso because my Spanish has not. We talked about Conchi joining our scholarship program in the future and she let us know that she wants to be an architect! Nelsy and Conchi are both excellent, dedicated students, sweet, well behaved and kind. Everytime I meet up with them I am impressed. Gloria and her husband should write a book on how to raise children. I look like Will Ferrell in Elf in this pic! Because we were so lazy and Valerio is so cute, we stayed in Lolo's courtyard and hung out with him for a while. Pam and Valerio had so much fun playing a dice game. There was a lot of cheating and laughing going on from all involved parties! Angela gave Valerio a 'Mom' tat. Stud. Moving time again! We reluctantly left the Bohemian beauty of Lolo's and returned downtown for our last night at Bucannero's. It's a very nice little hotel. Basic and clean and right on Hidalgo. We wanted to be downtown on our last night and figured it would be easier to make a quick and less painful getaway the next day. Our leaving Lolo's was softened by the fact that she invited us to return that night for Steve and Vivian's birthday bash! Could this day be any more perfect? Not without Johnny Depp, it couldn't. I didn't take pics of the room at Bucannero's. I'm sorry, I know I should've, but we really spent very little awake time there. Showered and slept. The one thing that I did take pics of is the sliding window in the shower. If anyone can give me insight as to why this exists, I would appreciate it. I think all of the rooms have them. It's a little sliding window that opens from your shower into the hallway of the hotel. Yep, anyone walking down the hallways could slide that open and see you in the shower. WTH?? Maybe if someone was going to pass me a cup of coffee through it in the morning, okay... Abierto... Cerrado... We lazed the rest of the afternoon away at the beach and watched the beginning of sunset. And she walks along the edge of where the ocean meets the land, just like she's walking on a wire in the circus. Casa de Limon. Reasonable rates. Complimentary Happy Hour. Soft beds. Back to Lolo's! As soon as we arrived, we were put to work (SWOON! I'm plating food for Lolo and Evaristo is bringing me wine!) This was a surprise birthday party of Steve and Vivian. Vivian thought it was only for Steve.... Surprise!!! Steve thought he was just coming over for dinner. SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!! This was some sort of spray snow to remind Steve of Minnesota. The food was fabulous!! What a fun night! Look at all of these fun people!! I felt incredibly lucky to be included. The fabulous Kate and Fabio (?) She told me that was his name... ;) Evaristo and Me Sara Jane and Robert of Casa El Pio Bev and Evaristo of Dancing with (or under) the Stars Pam, Birthday Girl Vivian and Rachel (Rachel taught us to sing 'Don't Cry for me Ike and Tina' to the tune of 'Don't Cry for me Argentina' the previous night. She's funny. Birthday boy, Steve (fun girl in the background) Zina and Me And was time for the cake. The smell of warm chocolate permeated the air and Lolo made the finishing touches on a cake that was so large and beautiful it would've taken me all day to make. Yes, it was as delicious as it looks. Then the Fire Dancers arrived for a private show! After the fire dancing there was more dancing and celebrating and finally we decided to call it a night and head back downtown. Lolo called us a cab and walked us to the front door. She had a glass of water for each of us. "It's a Jewish tradition," she explained, "to ensure your return". We each drank a bit of water from our glass and then Lolo threw the rest of the water on the sidewalk in front of her home. We drove off, waving and Lolo yelled 'PIRATE GIRLS' into the Isla night. She had talked Pam out of her crazy Pirate Girl tiara, proving that she was the ultimate Pirate Girl. The next morning we had our 'Last Breakfast' at Alexia y Giovanny. I had Chilequilas with chicken and green salsa, one of my absolute favorite meals. Then we stopped by the beach for a final goodbye and to bask in the sun for a few minutes before we showered, packed and prepared to say goodbye to my island. Princess of Denial - Who me? I'm not going home. I'm happy right here. The evil ferry The rest we will not speak of, except to say 'always make note of where you park at the airport'. Remember the part at the beginning of the trip report about my brain being frozen? Well...I guess I wasn't the only one. It was still freezing when we got back. A horrible shock. According to my friend, Nancy, now that I've finished my report from the last trip, I am allowed to go back. I'm ready!

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