Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Isla Mujeres - February 2013 - Part 2

Day Two/Three-ish. Staying at Casa Sirena, meeting up with friends, going to the beach, just having fun and doing whatever we want to do!
Crepes with yogurt, granola and fruit for breakfast. Casa Sirena has the BEST breakfasts!!!

Good Morning, Isla!

This is Lia, my friend Nelsy's baby. We met up for lunch with Nelsy, her mother Gloria, sister Conchi, also friends Maggie, Ann, Gail and Jackie. We feasted at Qubano.

Nelsy is a proud Momma. Little Lia is so cute!!
After our Ladie's Lunch we went shopping with Gail and I bought a really cool bag from her friend's shop on Hidalgo. It's turquoise (my color!) and made from agave fiber. It's about the size of one of those large paper bags that you get from the store (remember..before plastic?) with handles and it's the perfect tote bag. I use it almost every day to take food/ etc to work. Then we went back to Gail's house and checked it out. Very nice! Great location. Jealous. :)
Towel Lizard!
Coco Poo Poos. Yes, I know they look vile, but they are delicious! Coconut rum, ice cold from a martini shaker, topped with chocolate whipahol.

We had a late dinner at Bally Hoo. Oh, how I love their shrimp tacos. And for the record, I like 'em with a little tamarindo sauce and a touch of habenero. Sweet and spicy. Mmmm....We ended up going out to dinner with a girl that we met who was mad at her husband, so she ditched him and went out with us.

"We're taking your wife out to dinner. You got a problem with that?" Said the Viking Princess.

Chicken Enchiladas for breakfast at Casa Sirena. Fresh fruit served as first course. Hot coffee and fresh OJ. A wonderful way to start the day!

Festive Carnivale decor at Casa Sirena

One of Josefina's cats at Casa Luz Spa

Cute decor at Casa Luz

Pam and Kitty (Artsy shot!!!!)

I just ADORE  a penthouse view!

Hello, Gorgeous

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