Thursday, July 4, 2013

Isla Mujeres - February 2013 - Part One

This trip was all about celebrating my best friend's birthday and cramming as much fun as one possibly can into 6 days. I was up to the challenge.

Leaving me in charge of Happy Hour at the Sky Bar at Casa Sirena? Stellar idea!

Isla is fantastic in February. Don't get me wrong, I love it year round - even in the dead of summer when it's so hot you have to stay in or near the water, I don't care. February brings cooler temps, Carnivale, and Pam's birthday.

Miss Pamela -Photobombing the ocean

Sliders at Qubano....Oh, Baby. It's hard to decide what to eat here because all of the food is amazing and so is Vivian.

The Vivian Salad at Qubano. One of my favorites.

I could hang out here all

This guy had an interesting tat. Good people watching on the beach

Late lunch at Barlito...The 'One Eyed Cajun' panini in the foreground. WOW! Pulled pork, three kinds of cheese...and yes, I had beets because Tiffany said if I eat them all, my pee would be pink and that's called Princess Pee. Like I wouldn't go for that.

Enjoying lunch at Barlito. Love the sitting Brad and Tiffany. Total Love/Food Fest

We stayed at Casa Sirena the first few nights and room hopped between room 1 (my fave!) and room 5. Casa Sirena is so comfortable and makes me incredibly happy. Everything from the delicious breakfasts to the evening happy hours are the best. I always meet fun people while staying there. And of course...there's Steve. Steve is the magic behind the perfection.

Towel puppy at Casa Sirena

We were lucky enough to score an invite to Bruce and Kathryn's Anniversary party. It was so nice to see them and everyone else. Kathryn looked amazing, don't you think? 

Brian and Brenda - gorgeous as always

Lovely Ladies -Jackie, Ann and Maggie

The always handsome and charming Daniel and Manuel. The lady in the background was obviously swooning from being in the close proximity of these two. Who can blame her?

Here comes trouble...Carmita and Inge. Queens of Isla

The Couple of Honor, Kathryn and Bruce with the Carnival dancers.
Fantastic dinner at Olivia with Pam, Lolo, Steve, Dennis and the "Terrible Ten" from Florida. That's shy Chef Chris in the foreground. That's right....we had dinner with twelve men and Lolo. And one of the guys is a Food Network Chef. Yeah...I know.

We ditched the guys after dinner and went to La Terazzo with Lolo, where we met THE creepiest guy on earth, Chet. After we recovered from the skeeziness, we continued to laugh about him for the rest of the trip and now use the term 'Chetty' to describe something totally heinous and repulsive. Sample of conversations - he just walked up to the bar and started talking to us like this - this was not after an evening of hanging out. This was opening line (and it got worse) Chet: So, you having fun? Pam: Yep. Chet: You wanna make out? Pam: Uh...NO!. We also ran into the lovely and extremely unChetty Nicole, who was there classing up the place.

That was pretty much the first day or so...stay tuned for more adventures and the food...oh, we're going to get a little crazy with the food.


Nancy said...

I so want to try the Vivian Salad! That looks so good. We didn't get to eat there in May even though we were there 9 days. I am looking forward to reading about the rest of your trip!

Unknown said...

Looking forward to more!

José said...

Hope you a nice vacation with your related ones. Activities of isla mujeres sure offer diversity for spending a great time in the place. Things like snorkeling or exploring ruins really makes you value the amazing journey.

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