Monday, December 19, 2011

Isla Mujeres - September 2011 - People

One of the things I love most about Isla is my friends here are a few of the people we hung out with. Friends both old and new. (I don't like 'old friend' about 'enduring'?)  I missed getting pics of some people because believe it or not, I am kinda shy about shoving a camera in people's faces all the time. So if I missed you, I apologize.

Acting of the things I do best

Geraldo, my cabana boy

This guy was working on the roof at Las Palmas. He had the coolest Elvis hair and he was working barefoot walking on beams over an open roof. It was like a show while we had breakfast at A & G.

Searching for sea glass on a beautiful day

Steve prepares the Coco Poo Poos - official shot of Casa Sirena!

Muy Guapo

Steve and Bruce -- hanging out

Micky was drawing something (always something cool) and Gerald was checking it out. This was at Punta Sur

Bev's golf cart doesn't do 'reverse'!

Finally, Bruce starts to relax. On a hammock at Bev's house


Tiffany and Brad. Love these guys!!!!

Natalya and Mark (from Ireland -- so fun!!!!) and Bruce. Bruce cracked me up with all of his little cute sayings and his talent of having a song to sing for every occasion

Steve and Micky

Josefina of Casa Luz Spa. Such a sweetheart. She rescues cats on the island and gives an awesome facial! (not to the cats. Well...not that I know of)

Me again -- look my hair stayed straight for about five minutes in the Sept humidity!

Gerald rises from the sea

Gerald contemplates never going home from the rooftop of Casa Sirena

Tiffany at Barlito with Micky

Tiffany with Chen and Lee's baby -- so gorgeous!

Awesome drawing by Micky of Steve's courtyard. It was presented to Steve at happy hour on our last night and we were all asked to sign the back of it. I was honored!!

Bruce is camera shy. Mmmhmmm

Mark, Bruce and Steve at one of our dazzling Lolo dinners. Ahhhh...

Jill, Lolo and me

Le Chien....yep, you're a person

Going away party for Chen and Lee - formerly of Comono

Micky rode to the airport with us and bought us our final drink. Sigh....another great visit. I miss my Isla.

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